The Official Moon Base Party of the United States of America is the only major American political party dedicated to the important issue of building a moon base.

Do we really need another political party?  To quote the great statesman Sarah Palin, “You betcha!”  We are the only political movement that realizes that America needs to build a military compound / vacation resort on the moon.  A moon base is the clear solution to all of our great nation’s problems.  We are the voice for those crying out, “Get us a moon base!”

This website was created to boost awareness of the moon and to raise support for the moon base initiative.  This site hosts updates on our movement, articles about our need for a moon base, and commentary on today’s news and politics.  We may also give unsolicited marriage advice and occasional updates on Charles Barkley.

If America hopes to continue to be a world leader and a super power, it needs to build a base on the moon right now.  Will you join us?  Help us fight for a moon base.  Do it for freedom!  Do it for justice!  Do it for all the babies!™