Other Videos in Tom Arnold’s Blackmail Collection

In a December radio interview, Tom Arnold told radio DJs that he had tapes from the television show The Apprentice showing Donald Trump saying “every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever […] saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children.”  The video has irrevocably damaged Trump’s reputation amongst women and minorities and placed a dark cloud over his administration.  Oh, wait, no … he never released it.  It is unclear whether Tom actually has this video.  Further, Arnold worries releasing the tapes will result in defamation lawsuits from Trump lawyers.  You would think the legal headaches would be justified by the immediate and overwhelming support from millions of Democrats and Hollywood stars and producers.  While others have made these same accusations before, video evidence would be damning.  Alas, now we are just waiting until Mr. Arnold either admits he lied about the video or stops being a coward and gives the footage to eager journalists.

But this is not new for Tom Arnold.  Over his long career, Tom has claimed to have other items in his blackmail collection.  Here is a partial list of some of these unreleased videos.


– When he was a producer for the sitcom Roseanne, Tom Arnold obtained footage of his then wife and show star Roseanne Barr using racial slurs against an African-American production assistant.  She apparently berates the staff member for getting her Dunkin Donuts coffee instead of Starbucks.  This video can not be released per their 1994 divorce agreement.

– Tom claims he has video of True Lies co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger groping one of the female extras while on set.  However, in 1998, a drunk Tom accidentally microwaved the only VHS copy of this footage thinking it was a TV dinner.

– Tom has footage from Madea’s Witness Protection proving Tyler Perry is actually a 60 year old white man from Canada.  Mr. Perry’s attorneys have threatened Tom with a $10 million dollar breach of contract suit if he comes forward with this.

– Tom has an unreleased director’s cut of Nine Months where Hugh Grant drowns a puppy.  This scene was cut out of the theatrical release due to time constraints.  Tom wants to release the alternate movie, but he left the film reels in a storage locker somewhere in southern California.  He forgot the location of the locker and the storage facility.

– While working on Cradle 2 the Grave, Tom used a disposable camera to photograph DMX petting a stray kitten that wandered onto set.  Unfortunately, Tom never got around to developing the photos.

– In 1997, Tom Arnold claimed he captured shocking footage of former Senator Bob Dole eating a booger.  Not even his own booger, but a booger he found wiped under a table.  Tom tried to send this tape to Inside Edition, but it got lost in the mail.

– In 2004, Tom used his Motorola Razr to record Mr. 3000 co-star Bernie Mac saying derogatory comments about jews.  A few weeks later, Tom dropped his phone in the toilet.  It probably still works, but Tom is too grossed out to handle the phone.

– During filming the unreleased Crade 2 the Grave sequel, 2 Cradle 2 Grave, Jet Li accidently killed a guy.  He straight up kicked a guys head off.  This completely stopped production and the film reels were shelved.  Tom stole many of these reels.  Tom refused to show these reels to anywhere on account of … Jet Li can kick a dude’s head off.

– Tom also has exclusive video of everyone getting really high on the set of Soul Plane.  No one is surprised by this and no one cares to see Tom’s tape.

– Mr. Arnold has stated on record that he has HD video of bigfoot.  Reporters have dismissed the footage as simply a Blu-ray of Harry and the Hendersons.

– Some real dark stuff went down while making Fred 3: Camp Fred.  Tom is not ready to talk about it.

– An accidental “reply all” resulted in Tom Arnold obtaining production video from Sons of Anarchy.  Some of this footage shows star Kim Coates getting frustrated and punching Tom in the face.  Tom thought about giving this video to a Wall Street Journal reporter, but decided against it when the reporter saw the video and laughed at Tom Arnold crying on the floor for 30 minutes.

– Tom believes he has audio recordings of Bob Saget punching a fan at an airport.  It is difficult to determine whether we are really hearing Mr. Saget on the tape, or if anyone is getting punched, or if it is in an airport.

– Tom Arnold has blueprints for a robot that looks a lot like Tom Hanks.  It is unclear if Mr. Hanks died at some point and was replaced with this robot, or if a real Tom Hanks never existed at all.  It is possible the document is a hoax.  The only way to know for sure is to wave powerful magnets around Mr. Hanks’ head, but Tom Arnold have been unsuccessful at getting close enough to the star.

maybe-bob-is-an-alien– Tom claimed to have captured footage of Bob Dole throwing eggs at cars from a freeway overpass.  Tom was planning to release this cell phone footage before an anonymous source produced a video showing Tom also throwing eggs.

– On the set of A Christmas Proposal, Tom stole co-star Nicole Eggert’s cell phone and e-mailed himself a video of her daughter’s dance recital.  And let’s just say little Janice needs some more lessons.

– While making an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Tom was shocked to discover everything was done on a soundstage in Anaheim, CA.  Tom tried to take pictures of the set, but Grylls stole his phone, peed on it, and ate it.

– Tom obtained stolen CIA footage of Bob Dole overlooking the autopsy of an extraterrestrial being in Area 51.  The footage is grainy, but it does appear to show Senator Dole directing medical examiners over the body of a small grey figure.  Tom fears that going public with this evidence would likely get him killed.  The CIA has threatened to remarry him to Roseanne.


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